Thursday, April 21, 2011

80's Toppers

These toppers are self explanatory. The 80s came back in a big way for this birthday party. Although time consuming to make it was quite fun. It made me realize that there are just some things that kids now will never know existed like tape cassettes, Micheal Jackson or pac man. I get requests now for Ni Hao characters or Sponge Bobs for kids cakes. I wonder if when they get older they will want a cake with things like iPhone and mp3 players on it.    

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is here

I'm loving the fact that now I can open my car windows and smell the fresh air while I''m driving. As much as I love it I am reminded of how hot summer will be when we have afternoons of 80+ degrees. 

I'm looking forward to kayaking with my husband on the Rappahannock river here in Fredericksburg. On my last outing I had a dragonfly take a long ride with me on my little red Kayak. 

This particular cake was a first birthday cake for a little girl. The cupcakes were meant to match with lilac colors. I included some purple flowers to make the lilac pop more. The monogram was made out of royal icing in the font of the invitations. I sprinkled it with lilac disco dust. It was like adding glitter in kindergarten class, too much fun. The side designs were copied as best as I could from the intricate design on the invitations. 

The cake was a white cake with raspberry preserves and swiss merengue buttercream. The cupcakes were my popular chocolate chip chocolate cake.