Monday, May 27, 2013

Name that Macaron Contest & Giveaway

My lack of creativity is your gain. Name this torrone filled French Macaron. In order to help you name it here is a description of the flavors. The macaron shell is made with almond flour ground with powdered sugar. A hint of Pure Vanilla has been added. The filling is Honey Nougat with raw pistachios folded in. This creation was an accident as I had different desserts going on at the same time. The winner gets 6 Torrone Macarons with 1 secret flavor currently in R&D. 

Rules are on Facebook. There is no limit on entries. Look forward to the names, and lets have fun.    

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The New Old Me

First ever of it's kind; French Macaron with Torrone filling
Well I am amazed that I have not posted anything since October 2012. I would not call it laziness but there are occasions when I like to do absolutely nothing :) After commuting most of my working life, while attempting to be a halfway decent mother and wife; in addition baking and designing custom cakes for my clients I have made the decision to stop commuting (Big run on sentence but you get the point). Magically, 12 hours of my day has freed up and I can decide what I want to do ! I do consider this a great blessing as I have a extremely supportive husband and family. Every second has not been dedicated to decorating cakes and I am not accomplishing as much as I thought I would or had planned to. I still find my days busy and fulfilling most important I am a present parent in my kids lives. I envisioned staying home I would find myself sipping tea and watching some morning talk show..NOT and no time for that (and they are really bad). I have become selfish and am hitting the gym with my little tike. I have made fitness part of my life and discovered a whole new world of Paleo, which I love. I take a minimum amount of orders a month working on projects that I enjoy doing. So really nothing has changed because I still am who I am, just this whole 9-5 which in my case was 7-7 is now done with and I can really explore endless creative and personal possibilities. Has anyone else made a major positive change in 2013, please share! With that said, here are some of my recent projects.

Lego is in this Spring

Vintage Barbie