Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby Showers

This cake was many celebrations and memories combined into one. Everything in this cake is edible. I was surprised that I did not have to support the crib with skewers. I made some modeling paste to use for the crib. My turnaround time was tight for this cake but the modeling paste dried fast so I could start assembling the crib pieces. Frogs and ladybugs were the theme for this cake. The cake is a moist yellow cake with a delicious merengue icing. I think the frog looking up at me is just to cute...I just want to say awww.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mini Cooper Cake Old School

I had the opportunity recently to do a classic mini cooper cake for a customer. The cake is chocolaty chocolate goodness. The filling was an Italian Merengue, which I think is the most stable, best tasting buttercream ever. The model she gave me did not have the mini cooper emblem we are all familiar with. The emblem on the hood was more of a square of some sorts. I had to add the wings for some type of mini cooper recognition. To get the silver color all I did was color my vanilla fondant gray and paint over it with nu silver dust with lemon extract.
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