Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Love Birds Meets Ombre High Fashion

Sometimes when I have an order I do not realize how nice the concept is until I actually start working on it. I must admit that when the bride showed me an example of an Ombre cake with a fresh lavender flower on the top I was like sure no problem, not a big deal in my head. After about the  6th hour of working on the ruffles, watching the sun rise as I sit on my work table I realize Ombre is no joke. Matching the ombre style of the cake to the cupcakes was the easy part. Playing with different quantities or electric purple, regular purple and regal purple helped me achieve the shades I needed.
For a quick tip on how to match buttercream to fondant as I did on the project see the end of the post...

The wedding was at the Jepson Center right here in Fredericksburg. I had no clue what the theme of the wedding would be other than they had purple as a wedding color. I was just delighted when I saw these adorable Love birds just scattered around the room and placed at every table...to cute! Here are some photos I managed to take after I set up my little display of sugar.

Yes this 6" tier took me over 6 hrs to finish...tedious but worth it 

This little bird watches over the cage for gift cards

Custom table runners, adorable
Flowers by Floral Palette, I met the husband of the owner nice guy. 

So here is the simple but effective tip for matching buttercream to fondant. I had prepared about 9 different shades of purple to white. I had six stands that I needed to get a decent gradient on. I picked 5 shades and one white. I started with white buttercream then slowly made my way to the dark purple. I had three different purple colors. One wilton purple and an americolor electric purple and regal purple. I basically color matched the buttercream to the fondant I set aside. Be patient when mixing colors and do not get frustrated. Don't be afraid to try different he's because you may need different undertones to make the color pop.