Sunday, June 7, 2009

Luau Party...This was a fabulous order. It was for a young women's graduation party. After I completed the cupcakes with the flip flops and hibiscus flowers I just felt so relaxed and I had this desire to be somewhere on the beach. It's funny how food can evoke such feelings :) I think to date this is probably the most adorable topper I have made.

Currently I'm in the process of trying to perfect this Dulche de Leche buttercream so I can start offering it to my customers. It has taken me over three hours to caramelize the condensed milk...I think I need to find
a quicker way.

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  1. This cake is adorable! I also love the cupcakes with the flip flops! Very colorful!

  2. Love, love, love the topper! I am penguin crazy, hence the username. And one of the icons I adore is of a penguin in a hula skirt! Yours is so cute, and I wish I was a quarter as talented as you, because that would be my birthday gift to myself in 2 weeks!