Thursday, June 3, 2010

Million Doller Wedding Desperate Housewives Style

I came across Dina Manzo's (from New Jersey Desperate Housewives) million plus dollar Wedding which aired on VH1's My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. This was the first time I saw her husband Tommy who is Co-Owner of the Brownstone. Of course this may be geared for people that watch housewives to begin with however the entire process which can be viewed here was just fascinating to me since like most people my spending is dictated by a modest income.
It was one of the most over the top weddings. I think flowers alone cost half a million!!!! The food was incredible. They had a lobster station, a bar made of ice and a cigar rolling station just to name a few. Well now you know desperate housewives is my guilty pleasure. I do not watch it religiously however I can't help myself if I catch it on TV.
To my surprise she mentioned how he cheated on her a few times but she still stayed with no comment on that but you know the saying once a ..... do I need to go on.
They also had wedding photos of the other housewives which was cute to see.
I had to share because I was just in awe of every aspect of the wedding.

Enjoy :)

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