Thursday, March 3, 2011

Henna Design

I had the great opportunity to take a henna and white chocolate class with the owners of The Sweet Life in Annandale. It was really nice spending the day with people that share in the same interests as me from all walks of life. Norm and Zane were gracious and so helpful in sharing of their cake knowledge and business savvy.

The cake I did was free handed from a few different patterns that I combined together. I love the intricacy of henna. I think from a distance it looks stunning up close you are like what is all this mess. That is just because I am not used to cake having detail every square inch or different patterns to such a degree, but again henna is beautiful to me so it doesn't matter.

I think if it was a red background with maybe gold details it would look really grand. Maybe I will make that my next dummy cake for my next wedding show. Either way this is an example of what I love about desserts in general and I'm sure the same could be said for savory food...that you can dress up a cake in any way you want! Long gone are the days of plastic columns and water fountains with a generic cake topper. Long gone is the generic cake. Please don't get me wrong simplicity and elegance will never be lost, but we have evolved and the creativity involved is what makes me love it and wanting more.  

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