Friday, May 18, 2012

Strawberries and Mushrooms

I have been too busy to post lately, but I wanted to share one project I recently completed for a client. Last year I created her a birthday cake in a cupcake theme. This year it was all about fairies with some whimsy. What I love most about this project was the strawberry cake the fairy is holding. Strawberries were an accident but I went with it. For most of my cakes I have a general idea in my head of the clients expectations but the design really happens on it's own as I am working on an order. Another cool feature was that instead of making mushrooms in fondant (which we know is pure sugar) I made merengue mushrooms. Some were vanilla and others had a hint of cocoa for the color and flavor. **I am not sure why the quality is so poor on this post, but if you care to look at a clearer image go here**

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